Surprise, the Post Office Is Hiring!

It may be a surprise to many of you, but the Post Office is still hiring. There are currently thousands of jobs posted on the Postal Service web site. In an effort to save money the Postal Service is hiring thousands of non-career employees. They are replacing the retiring high-dollar employees with less expensive clerks and carriers.

The Post Office has signed a new contract with the American Postal Worker’s Union that gives them the ability to fill twenty percent of the clerk workforce with a new non-career position. Postal Support Employees are able to fill most of the positions that are available in the clerk craft. These PSE’s will earn between twelve and fifteen dollars an hour.

The Postal Service is hiring Transitional City Carriers another non-career position to replace City Carriers. These Transitional Carriers will earn twenty-two dollars an hour. Rural Carriers Associates are being replaced by Temporary Relief Carriers another non-career position. TRC’s will earn $13.05 an hour. post office open near me

This is an excellent opportunity to get a Post Office job. It is much easier to move from a non-career employee position to a career employee position than it is to try to get hired directly in to a full-time career position. I know this is a fact because it is the way that I did it. I went from an eight dollar an hour Casual Carrier position to a Rural Carrier Associate then to a full-time Rural Carrier in around three years. I was able to work nearly full-time during the entire process.

I think the time frame will be much shorter for today’s non-career employees. The Post Office has gone to congress to get the law changed to help their financial situation. The yearly billion dollar losses will turn into profits. Shortly, the Postal Service will be in a better position to offer incentives to the current highly paid employees to retire and will fill their positions with new career employees that start at the bottom of the pay scale. Just remember, over time they will gradually move up the step charts, and will become the high paid employees of tomorrow.

It is a great time to get your foot in the door with the Post Office. Most people don’t know the Postal Service is hiring. There are thousands of jobs posted on the Post Office website. There are many available resources to find out how to apply and get a Post Office job!



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